Erika Carlson has had a passion for art and design since childhood. She was first introduced to the arts through frequent trips to New York City museums and later attended NYU, receiving a B.A. Honors Degree in Art History. Studying with some of the best art historians and viewing many of history’s greatest pieces firsthand was an enriching experience that encouraged her to pursue a career in the art world.

While attending NYU, Erika worked at the Betsy Senior Gallery in SOHO and after graduation she worked at Senior & Shopmaker Gallery until she moved to Boston to join Becky Kidder Smith and Tom Smith at the Kidder Smith Gallery, which opened in March 2002.

Erika was the Assistant Director at the Kidder Smith Gallery until the end of 2008. While establishing herself in the Boston Art scene Erika worked on a number of interior design projects. Working closely with her gallery clients on their art-specific design choices sparked a broader interest in interior design, which has evolved from helping a few friends with design dilemmas to launching a second career.

With the Carlson Design Shop, Erika brings together her two passions – art and interior design – to enrich the living and working environments of her clients.

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