Art Consulting

Whether this is your first art purchase or you are a seasoned collector, no project is too big or too small for the Carlson Design Shop. Through our relationships with talented artists from across the country we can help you find the perfect piece.

Erika Carlson has ten years of experience buying and selling artwork, and has established the Carlson Design Shop to share this knowledge and support you in achieving the goals you have for your collection. With many contacts in the Boston and New York art world we can help you track down a specific piece that fits your style, or introduce you to new and exciting work that may challenge your existing tastes and help your collection to evolve.

At the Carlson Design Shop, we’re passionate about art and take pride in offering creative, professional consultation across a wide range of services, including:

Collection management: inventorying and cataloging artwork, reviewing insurance policies

Negotiating art purchases

Researching artists

Advice on how to build a collection

Reorganizing your current collection to make it feel fresh and new

Storage consultation

Framing consultation

Interior Design Services

We know a variety of art world experts. Let us put you in touch with the industry’s best:

-shippers/crate builders
-climate-controlled storage

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